A Marine Miracle That Extends the Life of Ocean Inhabitants by 140 to 507 years! How long can it extend your lifespan, health and well-being?

What if you could live 15 to 25 years longer than the average human lifespan … or even double your life expectancy?  What if you could enjoy radiant health and well-being beyond your 70s — and well past the age of 100 — without the illnesses, diseases, aches and pains of old age?  And what if … instead of growing older, you begin to look and feel younger with each passing day, and experience boundless energy, vitality and fitness?

5000 Healing Cells

Now, imagine yourself having the power to transform each cell of your body into 5,000 healing cells that repair, rejuvenate and regenerate your tissues and organs … and restore your body to optimum health! ==> ==> ==>

“Is this really possible?” you ask.

The mountain of evidence is too impressive to ignore.  In the next 5 minutes as you read this article in its entirety, you will discover:

“The Greatest Longevity Discovery Ever Made”

Rougheye Rockfish

Researchers have found that a few amazing ocean species — such as the rougheye rockfish, the quahog clam, the pearl mussel and the clawed lobster — have extremely long lifespans ranging from 140 to 507 years!  The National Academy of Sciences, one of the most respected scientific institutions in America, declares that these ocean inhabitants live such long lives because “their stem cells have an endless capacity to regenerate their health.”

Cell Division

Like most life forms, these marine wonders go into their usual cell division to regenerate themselves.  But here’s the remarkable thing they do that makes the big difference:

Before they divide their cells, they eliminate unhealthy cells and only reproduce healthy ones!

==> ==> ==>

The result?  These ocean inhabitants have an unmatched ability to defend their health against disease and the ravages of aging.  Their unhealthy cells are discarded — and only their healthy cells are reproduced.  Hence, they live extremely long lives!

How are they able to accomplish this seemingly impossible eat?

Undaria Pinnatifida

By consuming an extraordinary species of seaweed called Undaria Pinnatifida Fucoidan on a daily basis.

An extract from this seaweed has been scientifically shown in clinical studies to increase the release of adult stem cells into the bloodstreamand mobilize those stem cells so that they can migrate to the parts of the body that need repair and renewal.

When those stem cells are released and mobilized, your body repairs and maintains itself so you’re always in peak condition and youthful performance — just like you were in your 20s or 30s.

Each One of Your Cells Can Turn
into up to 5,000 Healing Cells!

One Cell Turns into 5000 Healing Cells

Whenever the stem cells in your body are released and mobilized, they have the miraculous ability of turning themselves into a cell of any organ — and that cell multiplies up to 5,000 times to replace damaged cells and make any human organ healthy again.  ==> ==> ==>

Question:  If you consumed an extract of this seaweed daily, would you live 205 years like the rougheye rockfish, or 507 years like the quahog clam?

No, of course not … but The New York Times confirmed that this ocean secret uses “the same process in your human stem cells.”  Therefore, you can now unlock the very same mechanism of cellular life extension inside your own body’s stem cells!

Among the greatest consumers of Undaria Pinnatifida Fucoidan are the people of Okinawa, who also have the world’s longest average life span of 86 years — with many Okinawans living to the age of 100 or more!  Statistics reveal that they also have a significantly lower risk of heart attack and stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging

If there’s any doubt in your mind as to the regenerative ability of stem cells, consider thisScientists have been able to grow human organs using stem cells.

Yes, they’ve grown full-sized, beating human hearts from stem cells.  They’ve grown human kidneys, livers, brains, intestines, stomachs, lungs, skin — and body parts like ears, noses, tear ducts, blood vessels, and even fallopian tubes.

Scientists have also been able to use stem cells to do instant facelifts without surgery … repair knee cartilage … grow hair after baldness … cause missing teeth to grow back … and accomplish superhuman feats!

Therefore, whatever condition your body may be in — or whichever of your organs may have become weakened by health problems — stem cells have the potential to make your body brand new again.  But only if you know how to use stem cell-activating Undaria Pinnatifida Fucoidan to activate your body’s regenerative ability.

How would your life improve if you could …
Sip from the Fountain of Youth?

In a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study, scientists found that mice injected with stem cells appeared to have "sipped from the fountain of youth."  The results of this study were published in National Geographic.

Fountain of Youth Age Regression

The mice used in the experiment were bred to exhibit a premature aging disorder that caused them to age rapidly.  When they were injected with stem cells from young mice, instead of dying prematurely as untreated mice did, mice that received the stem cells improved their health and saw “a three-fold increase in their life span,” according to study co-author Johnny Huard, a stem-cell expert at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh.

If lab mice can live 3 times longer than normal, how might your lifespan be extended when you release stem cells in your body and mobilize them for maximum regeneration and youthification?

Now, if you’re already impressed by the youth-enhancing, life-extending power of stem cells, wait till you discover the equally powerful anti-aging potential of human growth hormones (HGH).

HGH May Reduce Your Biological Age by 10 to 20 Years!

What exactly is HGH — and why are anti-aging experts calling it the “youth” hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland of your brain.  When we’re young, our body manufactures HGH in abundance.  When your body’s HGH supply is plentiful, it speeds up the body’s metabolism, causes fat cells to shrink, and stimulates lean muscle growth.  It also increases collagen production and has been shown to erase wrinklestighten saggy skinboost energyelevate mood … and even heighten sex drive.

Chart of HGH Decline

However, starting at the age of 30, your body’s supply of HGH drops by 96%.  “As our HGH levels continue to decline, the damage done by aging continues to accelerate,” according to the Life Extension Foundation.

To put it in simple terms:  When our HGH levels begin to drop at the age of 30, aging begins to accelerate rapidly.

The good news is that there’s a way to boost your HGH levels naturally.  It’s a well known fact that the more HGH our bodies produce, the younger we look and feel.

The New England Journal of Medicine — perhaps the world’s most prestigious medical magazine — published the results of Dr. Daniel Rudman’s historic study on HGH.  The double-blind study consisted of 21 participants, ages 61 to 81, and it was conducted over a 6-month period.  The results were extraordinary!

HGH reduced the biological age of
participants by 10 to 20 years

Dr. Rudman, one of the foremost authorities on anti-aging and life extension, said that in addition to reducing the biological age of the participants 10 to 20 years, HGH also improved their overall health.

“We have 70-year-olds with the bodies of
those less than half their age…”

— Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of The American Academy of Anti-Aging

Dr. Ronald Klatz

Dr. Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is a leading expert on Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  This brilliant pioneer is considered by many to be the founding father of the anti-aging, better health movement.

He has worked with clinical subjects who exhibited age reversals and whose bodies began to perform like individuals who were half their chronological age … or younger.

Dr. Klatz says:  “HGH is the ultimate anti-aging therapy.  It affects almost every cell in the body, rejuvenating the skin and bones, regenerating the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, helping to bring organ and tissue function back to youthful levels.”  He summarizes HGH’s anti-aging potential and how it can help you live a longer, healthier life:

Reverse Muscle Loss Look 10 Years Younger

Another study by Dr. Edmund Chein and Dr. Cass Terry investigating the effects of HGH in 202 randomly selected patients also revealed startling results!  The patients completed detailed questionnaires on their health, and they experienced dramatic health improvements, such as:

The astounding anti-aging effects of HGH have been reported in mainstream media like TIME MagazineNewsweekThe New York TimesAARP MagazineNBC NewsThe Today ShowABC NewsEsquire Magazine … and Harvard Health.  And because of its powerful effectiveness, Dr. Chein calls HGH “nature’s strongest anti-aging option!”

What Anti-Aging Miracles Can Happen When You
Combine Stem Cells with “Youth Hormones”?

The combined power of stem cells and HGH is quite possibly the most exciting breakthrough in the science of anti-aging and longevity.  When you put them together in a single formula, the result is a groundbreaking anti-aging paradigm.  Imagine a world where you can bring all signs of aging to a virtual standstill … and restore the vitality, health and wellness you enjoyed in your younger years.

How would the quality of your life improve if you could reverse aging, stay “forever young” and never grow old?  And how would your life change if you could look and feel like someone half your age?  And what could you accomplish if you could live 15 to 25 years longerthan the average human lifespan?

ReJuvenation Bottle

Introducing the world’s first and only youth-preservation formula that combines the power of the 2 greatest anti-aging discoveries — namely, stem cells and HGH.  Created by the researchers at Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute, it’s called ReJuvenation: Growing Younger While You Sleep™.

ReJuvenation™ helps halt or reverse the aging process and supports longevity through a dual action:

  1. Instead of introducing stem cells into your body from outside sources, ReJuvenation™ regulates the natural release of stem cells that are already in abundant supply in your bone marrow to be released into the bloodstream.
  2. ReJuvenation™ helps to significantly increase your body’s production of natural HGH.  It does this through a specialized blend of 5 amino acids which, when combined, causes the pituitary gland to produce its own youthful levels of HGH.

That means you can enjoy the stem cell and HGH levels you had when you were much younger!

Experience the ONLY youth restoration formula
that combines the 2 greatest anti-aging breakthroughs today!

The Secret Behind the Stem-Cell-Enhancing
Power of ReJuvenation™

Undaria Pinnatifida

ReJuvenation™ contains a powerful marine extract from UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA FUCOIDAN, an extraordinary species of seaweed (not to be confused with the common seaweed Laminaria Japonica).  This marine extract has been scientifically shown in clinical studies to increase the release of adult stem cells into the bloodstreamand mobilize those stem cells so that they can migrate to the parts of the body that need repair and renewal.

This unique marine extract has also been shown to support detoxification of the body from chemical build-up … and also burn body fat.

Goji Berries

ReJuvenation™ also contains the stem-cell-enhancing GOJI BERRIES.  A study in China shows that polysaccharides from goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) increase the number of stem cells in the body — and cause the blood of older people to revert to a markedly younger state.

Goji berry pulls “double duty” in the restoration of youth.  Its unique LBP polysaccharide complex has also been found to be a powerful secretagogue — that is, a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone by the pituitary gland.  The goji berry is also the only known food source that is known to stimulate HGH.

Reishi Mushroom

REISHI MUSHROOMS (Ganoderma Lucidum), which are particularly revered by the followers of the Taoist tradition as the “Elixir of Immortality” have not only been shown to increase stem cell production in the body, but have been used for centuries for its extraordinary life-extending properties.

Reishi mushrooms also help boost your immune system, and prevents abnormal blood vessel formations, which could be deadly.  Plus, they help promote the production of nerve growth factor, a protein for healthy brain cells and your nervous system.

Ashwagandha Roots

ASHWAGANDHA (Withania Somnifera), often called “Indian ginseng” because of its rejuvenating properties, is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.  It has been used for centuries for a wide variety of conditions, and is most well-known for its restorative benefits.

Medical researchers have been studying Ashwagandha for years, and have completed more than 200 studies on the healing benefits of this botanical, which include:  stem cell stimulation, enhancement of learning, memory, and reaction time; regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol levels; and support of the body’s response to inflammation

The Secret Behind the HGH-Enhancing
Power of ReJuvenation™

The 5 stellar amino acids which comprise ReJuvenation’s formula individually deliver extraordinary health benefits.  But when combined, they have been shown to increase the body’s HGH levels by 6 times (600%), as reported by Dr. Mehmet Oz in his widely viewed TV program.

  • L-Arginine-HCL – Regulates blood pressure, increases blood flow to vital organs, and boosts your body’s energy levels
  • L-Glutamine – An anti-aging powerhouse that helps preserve muscle tissue and helps improve memory, focus, alertness, and problem-solving
  • Glycine – Improves digestion, creates healthy DNA, and supports collagen production, which results in youthful-looking skin
  • Lysine – An all-in-one superstar that helps manage cholesterol, supports normal glucose levels, and supports bone health, pain relief, heart health and mood regulation
  • L-Ornithine – Increases physical strength and endurance

ReJuvenation™ helps your body produce HGH levels that you had when you were much younger!  Plus, this amino-acid blend also reduces body fat and increases muscle!

Experience the ONLY youth restoration formula
that combines the 2 greatest anti-aging breakthroughs today!

What Can Stem Cell and HGH Enhancement Do for You?

When you employ the 2 greatest anti-aging discoveries of the century, you activate your body’s self-renewing mechanism with stem cellsand stimulatie your pituitary gland to naturally produce youthful levels of HGH.

Just take a look at all that’s possible when you employ these anti-aging discoveries that are both present in ReJuvenation™.  You can …

Now, it’s easy to reset your biological clock and turn back the hands of time.  Just take 2 capsules of ReJuvenation™ in the morning.  They will jumpstart the process of growing younger in as little as 2 hours and keep you feeling youthful, vibrant and energized all day.

Then, take 2 capsules in the evening just before bedtime … and wake up looking and feeling younger than you did 10 years ago.  These 2 capsules will work hand in hand with the restorative powers of sleep to help your body produce youthful levels of HGH and stem cells.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Gold Seal

ReJuvenation™ will help accelerate your body’s natural nighttime repair and renewal … enabling you to wake up to a brand new you!

ReJuvenation Comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

…even if you get to the bottom of the bottle!

We believe so strongly in the power of ReJuvenation™ that we’d like you to try it risk-free for 30 days.  If you’re not convinced that you look and feel dramatically younger — or if you’re not satisfied for any reason after using up one entire bottle … just send your unused bottles back within 30 days of receiving your shipment for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping.  Your free gifts are yours to keep no matter what you decide.  That’s our way of saying thanks for giving ReJuvenation™ a try.

Experience the ONLY youth restoration formula that combines the 2 greatest anti-aging breakthroughs.  Try ReJuvenation™ risk-free today — and get up to 20% off plus free gifts!

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Experience the phenomenal anti-aging formula that combines the 2 greatest anti-aging discoveries — stem cells and HGH — into a one-of-a-kind formula that activates your body’s own internal “fountain of youth.”  We’re so convinced that ReJuvenation™ can bring all signs of aging to a virtual standstill … restore the vitality, health and wellness you enjoyed in your younger years … and look and feel like someone half your age.

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Our file drawers at Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute are overflowing with letters from folks all across America and the world who are thankful they found ReJuvenation™.  They are enjoying life-changing head-to-toe health benefits — and now you can add your own success story.  (Read their testimonials below.)

For your sake, I trust you’ll give ReJuvenation™ a try, risk-free and see how fast you can activate your body’s own internal “fountain of youth” … halt or reverse the signs of aging … extend your lifespan … restore youthful vitality, health and wellness … and get biologically younger while you sleep.

Wishing you enduring health, wellness and longevity,

Carla Davenport

Carla Davenport

Managing Editor

The Journal of Natural Longevity™

Miraculous Recoveries with ReJuvenation™

Linda from Dillsboro, Indiana

“I look much younger
than my age of 61 …”

Since starting ReJuvenation™ I have more energy and have started a walking program helping me to lose weight.  I am always complimented on the appearance of my skin — I look much younger than my age of 61.”

— Linda A., Dillsboro, Indiana

Knudson from Brisbane

“My memory has improved, most of
my back discomfort has gone…”

“I am more alert, my memory has improved, most of my back discomfort has gone. I look forward to continuing my improvement. The product is working for me — thank you.”

— Knudson S., Brisbane, Australia

Beckie from Olathe Kansas

“I have felt better and
had more energy…”

“Since I started ReJuvenation™, I have felt better and had more energy.”

— Becky G., Olathe, Kansas

Edward from Waukesha WI

“My balance is improving and
my belly is slightly smaller.”

After a few weeks I feel more energy, my balance is improving and my belly is slightly smaller.  The small differences are accumulating — I definitely WILL continue with ReJuvenation™.

— Edward E., Waukesha, Wisconsin

Brian from West Jordan UT

“It has made me feel younger…”

“It has given me the energy I’ve wanted and has made me feel younger…”

Brian C, West Jordan, Utah

Collin from Melbourne Australia

“Energy levels are much better — all over a more youthful appearance.”

“Energy levels are much better with more motivation noted.  Lines and wrinkles, bags under eyes really improved… all over more youthful appearance.”

— Collin P., Melbourne, Australia

Steve from Broken Arrow OK

“My face has more of a glow to it…”

“I do not need as much sleep as I used to. My face has more of a glow to it.”

— Steve G., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Mona from Boca Raton FL

“It has contributed to my more
youthful appearance…”

“I believe it has contributed to my more youthful appearance.  I love it.”

— Mona P., Boca Raton, Florida

Testimonials represent a cross-section of the results that appear to be typical with this product.



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